Egress System Installation Guide

Egress System Package Installation Instruction

(prior to installing an Egress Window Consult the local building codes)

  1. Mark Centerline and Dig Hole
    1. Mark a centerline on the foundation above the window. Dig the hole so it is centered across the window opening
    2. Note: dig the hole at least 4' (2' per side) wider, 1' deeper, and 1' greater in projection than the window well you are using
    Dig Hole
  2. Determine Cutting Dimensions
    1. a. Measure exterior of the window frame
    2. Minimum 1/4" must be left to allow for shims on each side
    3. If using treated lumber add 1-1/2" for each side.
  3. Determine if header/lintel is required
    1. If unsure contact a structural engineer to see if this is required for installation of an egress window.
  4. Layout Cutting Lines
    1. Sill chalk line must be no more than 40-1/4" above interior concrete floor
    2. Check grade it must be 2" or more below the bottom of siding
  5. Water Drainage
    1. Dig a hole to the footer and add at least 6" of pea gravel
    2. Note: In some cases you may want to use a corrugated hose for drainage.
  6. Cutting Concrete
    1. Cut along layout lines with a concrete saw.
    2. Using guides will ensure square and flat cuts for a quality window installation.
  7. Build the frame (optional only required for installation with Casement Window)
    1. Use treated lumber that is approximately the same with as the foundation wall thickness.
  8. Installing the Window
    1. Note the orientation of the window insert see top inside label.
    2. Lower window into the hole then tip window insert sill, inward and insert into opening.
  9. Shimming the window insert to the foundation wall opening
    1. Shim the window until level, square and flush with the exterior of the foundation wall.
    2. In some cases you may need to seal the remaining gap with low expansion foam to ensure a tight fit.
  10. Prepare the insert
    1. Carefully remove bracing.
    2. Use 2 concrete anchor bolts through each of the interior jamb liners into frame at all 4 corners.
  11. Mounting the Window Well
    1. Ensure the window well is centered from side to side and is no more than 2" below the top of the window.
    2. Refer to Egress Window Well Installation for more specific instructions
  12. Backfill With Dirt
    1. Must use clean dirt up to at least 3" from the top of the window well.
  13. Install a Cover or Grate
    1. Refer to Cover Installation for more specific instructions
  14. Finished!