Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I measure a window well for a cover?

A: Please click here for detailed instructions on how to measure for a window well cover.


Q: How do I do I know which window insert will fit in my steel frame? 

A: Please click here for detailed instruction on how to measure for a new window insert.


Q: What if I don't see my window well covers size in the online store?

A: We offer window well covers for almost any size or shape. If you do not see a standard size, please go to our custom cover measuring form.


Q: How much weight do your covers hold?

A: Our Covers with a hinge can support up to 450 lbs!


Q: Are custom covers easy to remove in case of emergency?

A: Yes! Our covers are made to fit securely once installed. The Covers with a hinge are light weight and can easily be held open by children. Our Grates & the Cover with clips will easily slide or pop off for easy escape.


Q: If I install a window insert will it meet egress?

A: No. If your window did not meet egress previously installing a new window insert will not make it egress compliant. If you require an egress window in your basement it is important to consult your local building codes prior to doing any remodeling.


Q: Does SolaROC offer Energy Star Rated products?

A: Yes, all of SolaROC Windows with Low-E & Argon Fill are Energy Star rated.


Q: Does the Premium textured stone well require a ladder?

A: No a ladder is not required because the integrated steps comply with the Egress Code.


Q: I have an older house; do I need to comply with the new Building Code for Egress?

A: Always consult the local building codes prior to doing any basement remodeling to determine egress Requirements.