Vinyl Sliding Window

SolaROC Basement Windows are smaller windows measuring roughly 3’ wide and 1’ – 2’ tall used to increase light in a basement where egress is not required. With a full range of products both large and small SolaROC is Do-It-Yourself basement resource for homeowners and remodelers!

Vinyl Sliding Window main photo


  • Call Outs: 3012, 3016, 3020, 3024
  • Wall Thickness: 7 ½”, 8”, 9”, 9 ½”, 10”, 12
  • Frame Material: PVC 
  • Energy Star Rated: Yes 


Increase light and provide an improved clean design in the basements where egress is not required. The Basement Sliding Window is optimal for remodeling with the unique Easy-Install design that slides easily into the opening.