Cover with Hinge

Turn dirty, empty, and potentially dangerous window wells into beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, safe and secure openings with the best in class window well covers! SolaROC offers a full range of window well covers with covers that hinge, covers with clips, polycarbonate top covers, and steel grates! SolaROC's covers add safety, security, easy egress, beauty and aesthetics to your existing window wells.

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Cover with Hinge main photo


  • Material: Aluminum & Polycarbonate
  • Colors: White, Mill Finish
  • Widths: 37", 42", 49", 55", 61", 67", 73", 79"
  • Projections: 24", 36", 48"
  • Custom Sizes Available: Yes
  • Compatible with: Steel Well, Premium Textured Stone Well


SolaROC’s Cover with Hinge is one of the BEST Covers available! The Cover with Hinge attaches firmly to the side of your home and is strong enough to stand on by supporting up to 450 lbs! With the Easy-Open Design the Cover with Hinge provides improved thermal efficiency, ventilation in the summer and allows for egress/escape in case of an emergency. The Cover with Hinge won’t fade or chip and leaves your window well looking beautiful for years to come!

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